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Women rule here.

We are a Women and Minority-owned Creative Boutique. We don't claim to be the best, but we always go above and beyond. No task scares us, yet they all give us butterflies. In the end, a social media campaign for a small business should produce commensurate value as a large multimedia campaign for a client with more resources.

Call us or drop us an email, we'd love to meet you and know more about your business.

Inside the 3 Heads.


Andrea Montes
The Pâtissière

A Millennial from Puerto Rico, Andrea is our Project Director.


At her young age, she is a tough cookie with a successful career as copywriter, project manager and account executive.


She is also an accomplished dessert chef, so when it comes to sweetness, Andrea wins all hearts.


Guayi Fernández
The Yogini

Meet Guayi, a Gen-Xer Washingtonian from Venezuela. She is a renowned designer, art director, visual artist and street photographer.


Guayi is our Art Director.


She oversees all art, design, photography and production tasks, and as an advanced yoga practitioner, she is also responsible for keeping the company's Prana free and balanced.


Rodolfo Hernández
The Missionnaire

Rodolfo is an award-winning creative who emigrated from Mexico City to New York in the early 1990s to work at some of the top companies of the time.


Obviously, he is a baby-boomer. Rodolfo is the Creative Director, responsible for strategy and ideation and, as a former missionary, he zealously spreads the gospel of our clients.

Winter of 2019.

We started as colleagues in a creative department, then became friends and, recently, partners. 


We were having drinks at Guayi's home on a warm December evening of 2019, talking about how uninspired the agency environment we were working at was: Autocracy suppresses curiosity. Lack of curiosity produces clichés. Clichés are a poison to creativity. 


That evening we began to project a Creative Boutique with learning, care and create as fundamental pillars.


Three months later, the pandemic hit. Almost everything came to a standstill. But we kept going and today we can say that we are a good byproduct of the pandemic.

From Hispanics to Latino to Latinx.

Some may consider one term more accurate than the other, some may even get upset or offended by one of them. But what is undeniable is that the word "Latinx" was coined by young U.S.-born Hispanics (or Latinx), not by the Census Bureau or by any social or language scholar in Madrid, Mexico City, Caracas or San Juan.


There is a close relationship between visibility and value, and Latinx demand be seen and valued: "Hey, we are not a novelty, we are the norm".


The first step to good niche marketing is to see and hear the niche without any preconditions.

If you are interested in having a conversation with Hispanics, Latinos and/or Latinx, give us a call or send us an email, we'll help you.

502 Kennedy Street NW, #132
Washington, DC 2001
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